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Hey there! This is just a short introduction about me on personal & professional front, some bits on the blog too. My journey of life has been centered mostly around startups, tech, product, finance, management & leadership, but sometime back I also got deeply interested in sanskrit & related literature.


In the journey of life, I was always inclined towards seeking moksha/nirvana and on some level wanted to pursue as well, probably not ready yet both physically & mentally but I belive things are moving towards that direction, although seems slow, the progress is what matters.

On personal front, I like to read books (and more than that collect wide variety of books), enjoy lot of deep thinking & discussions around thinking, particularly focused on language. The interest on language pushed me to learn sanskrit and also understand the ecosystem which was built on that. Language can be the underlying basis for a civilisation and while human speech itself is limited by vocal chord, but still the mental models can be built in language which will be very distinct in each language.

Although I am focusing a lot on getting towards bit more organised thinking & deeper world view, I am always looking forward & inspired to learn new ways of thinking which can enable me to break the limitations of mind.


  • Currently at Razorpay, leading engineering team to build scalable financial infrastructure focusing particularly on reconciliation, accounting and pricing.

  • Earlier was leading the engineering team at Mobikon, building the largest integrated data-enabled restaurant marketplace and a powerful engagement platform for restaurants.

  • Before that worked in pricing & promotions team at Flipkart, leading the engineering team to build data driven platform for doing pricing & giving promotions.

  • Before that was running software development company Digikrit providing consulting on niche technologies, apart from development of software products & open source projects.

  • Also was doing software product development at Bizense in digital advertising/marketing domain/social media monitoring & executed technology consulting projects around Java & Adobe Flex.

  • And before that, had worked on SSL VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology in a network security company Aventail (acquired by Sonicwall). Also have experience in java enterprise software development, working for telecom company Qwest.


The blog is reflections on the personal front only, sharing learnings and thoughts, mostly should not linked with professional work. The topics are also going to be some of the things which I like on personal level only like sanskrit (and language in general), self balanced bikes etc.

Have published bit more detailed intro on the blog here - https://akhil.blog/2022/01/23/introducing-blog/. Have questions or suggestions? Plesae feel free to reach to me.

Thanks for reading!